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I wanted to get new keys for my in-laws's Cadillac Eldorado, and Joel from Pop Locksmiths Woodbridge Township was right on time, worked very discreetly and was very skilled. Would definitely recommend! (Driscoll J., Iselin Woodbridge Township )

I needed to get new set of keys and locks made for the back entrance, and Grady of Pop Locksmiths Woodbridge Township was right on time, worked very quickly and was very trained. Would definitely recommend! - Coleen N., Washington Ave Woodbridge Township

I needed to rekey my house near Woodbridge branch of Wells Fargo Bank and Grady came on same day and provided professional, clean work. Truly informed and cordial. Grady even affixed WD-40 on the levers to make things even quieter. Their prices are absolutely cheap and there was a very small error between what I was quoted and the final price, but Grady settled it just like a true professional. Over time I've learned that if you have a skilled locksmith and good at what he do, you stay with them for life. Pop Locksmiths Woodbridge Township will be my Woodbridge Township locksmiths from now on. (Kris T. Woodbridge Township )

Grady just had to fix the door lock in my Mercedes Benz CL AMG and I must admit that he was not only very kind and pleasant, but also did a quick and clean job. Thanks :-)! @ Fredrick L. Woodbridge Township NJ

I locked out of the 2009 Honda Insight and began calling locksmiths on Yelp.com. They all had a min five hour wait and I have already imagined myself having to sit waiting most of my day. I was transferred to Pop Locksmiths Woodbridge Township by another locksmith and viola! Ruben was at my location on Green St in half an hour. I was SO grateful to them - and they were also cheaper than the other locksmiths too. Double win. @ Charisse U. Woodbridge Township

The price we were charged was so low that our neighbour was convinced it must be some sort of a scam. Well, it wasn't. @ Bennie K., Mechanic St Woodbridge Township